Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Merry Everything! Christmas 2010

Anne Craig in a vintage 1950's dress that was worn by my Mom and my Aunt Craig. Gamba would be so pleased. Her preservation of their old dresses was worth it soooo much. Thank you Gamba!!!

Floyd and Anne Craig

Christmas Eve!!!

Patsy, Blewett and Floyd

Elizabeth Barnwell and Anne Butler

Boyce and Gooddaddy

Me and Gooddaddy, my sweetheart!

Kiddos!! Mary Helen, Anne Craig, Steele, Garrett and Floyd

Girls with Charlie!


Annie and Charlie

Anne Barnwell and Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Anne and Patsy

me, Boyce and Elizabeth

Boyce and Patsy

Boyce, Patsy, Barn and myself

Annie and Moms

Blewett, Anne Barnwell and some good ole chicken chili

Elizabeth Barnwell and Anne

The kiddie table

getting blankets laid out for the reindeer to dry off with

Charlie, Anne Craig and Mary Helen with Gooddaddy

Boyce reading "Cajun Night Before Christmas"

Ready for Santa

Merry Christmas 2010

Christmas Gleefulness!

Awesome! He came!!!

Here's the proof.

More loot


And it WAS in fact a white Christmas!!

Xmas lunch at Moms and Grandaddy's

The full advent lighting for Christmas Dinner

Craig and Anne Craig

Anne Craig and Annie

Me, Anne Craig and Annie

Let the gift opening begin!!



Here are a few pics from the Ran Company Gathering.
Bonner, Ms Debbie and Don

Coleman, Floyd and McNeil

The girls- Mary Frances, Natalie, Weathersby and Rosie

and there's me and AC

BC and Kim

Baby Guy and Liza

And finally....after lots of family time Anne Craig was able to have a friend over to catch up with!
Julia Love and Anne Craig

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